The newest method of treating varicose veins is with non-thermal procedures such as the Venaseal closure system. This cutting edge treatment is a significantly less invasive  procedure that utilizes a medical adhesive to effectively seal diseased veins. The Venaseal system is typically recommended for repair of superficial veins and it is also an effective option in reducing patient discomfort as well as recovery time.

More About Venaseal

During the procedure, a physician is guided by ultrasound imaging while precisely placing the medical adhesive via a small catheter into the affected vein. Patients usually experience some pressure during this part of the process. Once the procedure is over and the vein is successfully sealed, the catheter is removed and the affected area is then covered with a bandage. Blood flow is then redirected to other functioning veins once the affected veins are successfully sealed. The Venaseal procedure has been shown to significantly improve the appearance of diseased veins in the safest possible manner.

There are some minor risks to consider before treatment. Some patients may experience allergic reactions, hyperpigmentation, bleeding, mild inflammation or other treatable side-effects. However, in the majority of cases, a skilled vascular specialist can successfully minimize any risk of these complications.

The Venaseal system causes little to no physical discomfort and eliminates the need for multiple injections of anesthesia in the affected areas prior to receiving the treatment.  The Venaseal system even reduces the need to utilize compression stockings after the procedure.

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