Most of us think very little about our veins  until something goes wrong. When such issues as varicose and spider veins arise, however, finding a good vein doctor becomes our top priority. Fortunately, the outstanding medical team at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center is here to help Washington State residents obtain the best possible treatments for these kinds of issues.

Treating Vein Problems

Fortunately, a good vein doctor now has many tools available with which to treat patients. Since no two patients are ever completely alike, no two cases of spider or varicose veins are ever exactly alike. Our team works hard to carefully match the treatment to a patient’s  specific situation to help ensure the best possible outcome. The treatments we provide include:

  • Laser Ablation (aka EVLT). A minimally invasive treatment utilizing targeted light (laser) energy to permanently seal veins.
  • Radio Frequency Closure (Venefit). Uses radio waves delivered through a catheter to heat collagen fibers and cause veins to close.
  • Nonthermal A leading edge approach that uses chemical energy, not heat, to close veins. The available techniques go by three different brand names: ClariVein, Varithena, and Veneseal.
  • Micro phlebotomy. A minimally invasive procedure involving the use of tiny punctures in the skin to remove problem veins.
  • A treatment in which medications are injected to close veins and shut down blood flow.
  • Though traditional surgical are now relatively rare, there are certain cases where they may still be the best course of action.

Important Facts About Vein Treatment

  • While vein treatments can directly address problems in individual veins, they are not cures for systemic vein issues. So, there is a chance that varicose or spider veins will recur.
  • Varicose vein treatments may be covered by medical insurance if they cause pain or other difficulties. Conditions that are deemed to be strictly cosmetic are usually not covered; spider veins may often fall into this category. Our team will be able to determine which category your case falls into.
  • Varicose veins may appear during pregnancy but they sometimes disappear after the baby arrives. Therefore, patients should wait until six weeks after their pregnancy has ended before seeking vein treatment.
  • Most of today’s treatments involve little or almost no scarring.

Getting Started with Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center

If you are dealing with varicose veins, spider veins, or anything else that requires the skills of an outstanding vein doctor, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center is here to help. To get started, call the number above or reach out to us via e-mail through our contact page.