Nobody loves having to deal with varicose veins. Aside from being unattractive, they can often be itchy and painful, and so doctors have labored for years to find the best approaches to varicose vein surgery. For years, the only technique that provided long-term relief was a procedure called vein stripping. This surgical procedure was invasive and patients had difficulty with long downtime during recovery. Fortunately, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center is now able to offer a number of minimally invasive approaches to varicose vein treatment and spider vein treatment. These procedures can be performed relatively quickly, involve very little or no downtime, and are a great deal less stressful for most patients.

Types of Varicose Vein Surgery

  • Sclerotherapy is a widely used treatment in which a medication is inserted into problematic veins, causing them to close. The result is that the blood is rerouted to other veins nearby, so that visible veins harmlessly disappear.
  • Laser ablation or EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment) harnesses the power of highly focused light. In this treatment, the heat generated by the lasers closes veins off.
  • Venefit is a brand name for a process called radiofrequency closure. It sends radio waves through a catheter to generate heat, causing veins to close.
  • Nonthermal ablation closes veins without heat by a combination of chemical and/or mechanical energy.
  • Microphlebectomy employs a series of tiny punctures through which blood flow to the enlarged vein is interrupted, diverting the blood to healthy veins.

Concerned About Discomfort During Varicose Vein Treatment? Don’t Be

Today’s non-invasive treatments can easily be performed with only a local anesthetic. However, the team at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center understands that some patients may still be worried about discomfort or may be just generally apprehensive. That’s why we offer virtual reality (VR) anxiety reduction along with our vein treatments. This technique uses the power of immersive sight and sound to place patients in the kind of pleasant and relaxing virtual environment that has been proven to lessen anxiety as well as any minor discomfort.

Dealing with varicose or spider veins? We Can Help.

Enlarged veins are unpleasant, annoying and, at times, may be related to more significant conditions. If you’re bothered by varicose and/or spider veins, there are a great many effective treatments. Come to a consultation at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center and your doctor will take a close look at your case and suggest a course of treatment. To make an appointment, just call us at the phone number above or get in touch via e-mail through our contact page.