If you’re considering Seattle vein treatment to deal with such issues as varicose or spider veins, the first thing you should know is that a number of highly effective non-invasive treatments are available. Better yet, our first-rate medical team here at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center has performed these procedures countless times, with results that have consistently delighted our patients.

Not so long ago, the only really effective medical intervention, beyond such lifestyle measures as compression socks and avoiding excessive standing, was a surgery known as vein stripping. While this operation was not as painful as it sounded, it was a fairly involved and time consuming procedure which required substantial recovery time for patients.

Today, people looking for Olympia or Seattle/Tacoma vein treatment at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center can take advantage of a number of procedures that can essentially be performed over a long lunch hour, involve minimal discomfort, and call for little or no downtime. They work by using tiny catheters to direct the power of lasers, radiofrequencies, or medical adhesives to close off enlarged veins and redirect the flow of blood.

Patients are typically very happy with these treatments and find the whole experience remarkably easy to go through. We use a local anesthetic during these procedures and most patients find that there is little discomfort. However, for those who are more apprehensive, we also offer virtual reality (VR) anxiety reduction, which uses immersive audio-visual media to create a deeply relaxing sight and sound experience. VR technology not only reduces or eliminates stress, but actually lowers the patient’s perception of any minor discomfort.

If you’re looking for the best in Greater Seattle Area or Olympia vein treatment, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center is here to help. Contact us by phone or email today.