We at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center understand that varicose and spider veins are not merely unsightly, they can oftentimes make performing your daily tasks a hassle. We also know that today’s increasingly busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to spend long periods of time in recovery. Fortunately, our leading-edge Olympia vein treatments are extremely safe and minimally invasive, making it very easy for you to go back to your busy schedule with little or no downtime for recovery

Sclerotherapy and laser light therapy are two of the most common forms of spider vein treatment in Olympia. Sclerotherapy procedures involve tiny injections to the vein that help the veins to collapse and restore proper blood circulation. Laser light therapy involves a high energy light that delivers a specific wavelength directly to the spider vein in order to seal the vein. Both of these procedures are rapid, minimally invasive, and allow you to continue with your day-to-day activities immediately after treatment.

At Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, we realize that efficiency and speedy recovery times are not your only priorities. We understand that most of our patients prefer to undergo treatments with minimal discomfort. For this reason, our team of highly skilled and expert surgeons ensure that the latest vein treatment techniques performed at Northwest Vein and Aesthetic Center are minimally invasive and performed with your comfort in mind.

Our vascular experts and professional medical staff at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center offer the most modern and cutting edge varicose vein treatment in Olympia whether your vein condition is extremely painful or simpy a minor unsightly issue.