When it comes to vein care, it’s not all about aesthetics. While varicose and spider veins are somewhat common, if they are causing you pain, itching, cramps, throbbing, or aching, it’s time to get them taken care of. Fortunately, treating these conditions is quicker and easier than ever, thanks to modern technology. At Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center, we can handle your spider vein treatment in Olympia in as little as one office visit. Our board certified vascular surgeons will evaluate your veins to determine the best course of treatment. Both spider vein treatment options, sclerotherapy and laser light therapy, are highly effective ways to treat even the smallest spider veins in the legs and face.

If you’re considering  varicose vein treatment in Olympia, look no further. We at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center specialize in varicose vein treatment using the latest, minimally invasive techniques, such as nonthermal ablation (Venaseal). Compared to older forms of treatment, Venaseal is exceptional in that patients can expect far less discomfort and bruising than previously, and they can return to even vigourous activity after treatment without needing to wear compression socks afterwards. As an added benefit, this minimally invasive procedure is virtually painless, and there is very little if any scarring involved.

For more information on Olympia vein treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office to call and schedule an appointment. Our compassionate and caring staff is ready to support you and your loved ones in treating almost any vein related condition.