Their town isn’t as well-known as Seattle, but residents love Tacoma for its creativity, livability and, of course, its great natural beauty. Still, just like everyone else, people here want to look their best and love to take advantage of thoughtful innovation. No wonder using CoolSculpting in Tacoma to fight stubborn pockets of fat has become a staple here at Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center. It has quickly become the preferred non-surgical alternative to liposuction for patients who want to rid themselves of stubborn pockets of fat, such as so-called double chins or love handles.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting takes advantage of the fact that fat in the body freezes at a significantly higher temperature than skin and other tissue. Once a device is placed on an area of the body, fat literally freezes, even as skin and other tissue experiences little or no impact. Over the next days and weeks, the frozen fat is removed from the body by natural processes.

The actual procedure simply involves placing the CoolSculpting device over the area the patient wishes to target. The device is left on for a period, which is usually not longer than an hour. During that time, the patient will feel a cooling sensation but very little discomfort.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient can immediately resume his or her regular schedule. Results typically appear over the course of a month and any side effects are both mild and brief. Specifically, some patients may experience minor bruising, numbness, and redness, all of which should disappear in the course of several days.

Who is Coosculpting For?

Pretty much anyone who wants it, but with one important caveat. CoolSculpting, like liposuction, should never be considered as a technique for weight loss. It is only intended to be used on specific areas where fat doesn’t seem to respond to low calorie diets and exercise.

How Do I Get Started?

Just schedule a consultation with us by using the phone number above. You can also reach out to us via e-mail through our contact page. Whether you’re interested in CoolSculpting or another treatment, Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center looks forward to providing you with outstanding care.