Vein Center

What to Expect During your Visit

Living in the Northwest we are always waiting for the small window of opportunity to put on a pair of shorts and enjoy the weather. Don't wait another year to clear up those spider veins or to freshen up your skin. Doctor Kim and his staff want to work with you to get you back into those summer clothes.

As a patient you can expect a private and personal consultation in a comfortable atmosphere. You can also expect the best results since we specialize in each procedure with years of experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so that you return again to experience our other cosmetic services.

Venous Reflux Exam

We have certified vascular ultrasound technicians that will do a comprehensive evaluation by ultrasound to let us know how your superficial venous system is functioning and will diagnose reflux, varicosities, and venous insufficiency.

After the exam you will have a chance to discuss with the providers what recommendations they have for you.

Free Screening

If you would like to stop by for a free screening, you can call our office and this can be arranged.

If have any further questions or need more information, please call the Northwest Vein & Aesthetic Center at 253-857-8346.