Aesthetic Center - Tacoma

Treatment Programs

Our Master Aesthetician performs the following treatments and will customize your services for your skin type and condition. We carry several physician strength product lines as well as an organic product line, and can recommend the appropriate items for your home use. Whether you are looking for a whole new skin care regimen, enhanced care between laser procedures or a relaxing, occasional skin care treat, we can help accomplish your goals!

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving or plucking? Best candidates have dark hair with fair skin, however our laser is effective for all skin types. A series of approximately 6-8 treatments at 6-8 weeks intervals is recommended to achieve the greatest hair reduction.

Laser Genesis

Non invasive, anti-aging laser with no downtime. Genesis can lighten some scars, tighten pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and smooth texture leaving the skin with an immediate glow.

Limelight (IPL)

Non invasive light therapy used to improve rosacea, lighten brown spots and other forms of sun damage.

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser light is used to treatment facial telangiectasia, spider leg veins, venous lakes and cherry angiomas.


Non invasive light therapy to deeply stimulate collagen and firm areas such as the neck and jowls. Best results seen with 3 treatments, 1 month apart. Some immediate tightening maybe noticed as a result of deep dermal heating, however maximum results seen up to 6 months later.

LED Light Therapy

The application of light emitting diodes for therapeutic benefits.

  • BLUE LED: Helps kill acne bacteria. Beneficial for oily/acneic skin.

  • RED LED: For skin rejuvenation. Aids in stimulating collagen, pore-tightening, reducing redness and inflammation, wound healing, lessing fine lines, lightening hyper pigmentation.

Eminence Mini Facial

Ideal for those with limited time~Deep cleanse, tone, masque, moisturizer and sunblock.

Youth Facial

Great for teens with acne or who are just wanting to start healthy skin care habits~Deep cleanse, tone, exfoliant, extractions, masque, moisturizer and sunblock.

Eminence Acne Youth Facial

Great for teens with acne or who want to start health skin care habits. Deep cleanse, tone, extractions, mask, moisturizer with sunblock. Blue LED light therapy or Red LED light therapy may be used for acne conditions.

Eminence European Facial

This traditional skin rejuvenating facial combines clinical and relaxing elements~Deep cleanse, exfoliant, extractions, anti-aging treatment masque, moisturizer, sunblock, relaxing massage of neck, shoulders, face, hands and feet.

HydraFacial MD™

Hydra dermabrasion is a revolutionary systems that exfoliates with special abrading tips and gentle chemical and hydrating agents for all skin types. LED light therapy is included, as well as an anti-acne or anti-aging mask. Can be used on the face, next, chest, back or arms. Noticeable improvement in lessing lines, fewer breakouts, smoother texture and a healthy glow.

Treatment is perfect for even the most sensitive skin and improves conditions such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, large pores and acne breakouts. Provides painless extractions of blackheads for oily and acne prone skin.

HydraFacial may be done in conjunction with a dry diamond tip microdermabrasion to achieve even deeper exfoliation. LED Light therapy may be added for your specific condition as well as lymphatic drainage to help improve tone and reduce puffy areas. A series of HydraFacial treatments may be combined with laser treatments to speed and enhance your results.

A single machine offering many options and treatments customized just for you! May be done weekly. Treatment includes face, neck and décolleté.


As a convenience for our patients who are not candidates for laser hair removal, or just need a quick fix for unwanted hair, our Aesthetician also offers waxing services. Brows are the most popular request, but we also do other areas such as upper lip, chin, bikini, legs and men’s backs.

Waxing Services

  • Brow Shaping
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Lip & Brow
  • Lip/ Chin & Brow
  • Full Face (Brow / Lip / Chin / Sideburn)
  • Underarms
  • Half Arm
  • Full Arm
  • Half Leg 
  • Full Leg
  • Back 
  • Feet & Hands
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian


Application of a vegetable based dye is used to darken gray hairs or simply add more color to make your eyebrows stand out.

Professional Peels

From our Skin Medical product line, the appropriate medical grade professional peel will be recommended for your skin type.

Peels help rejuvenate tired dull skin, clear some forms of acne on the face or back, lighten hyper-pigmentation and mild scarring.